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Inhouse mortgageFinancing can be complicated.  There are various interest rates and various loan terms that various lenders offer.  In fact, improper financing can kill deals, which may result in you loosing your hard earned escrow deposit.  When you work with a Florida Capital Realty 100 Percent Commission we have in-house lenders at our various branch offices to ensure you have a face behind the numbers.  We ensure you are not treated as a number and make sure you are receiving the best lending terms.

It all starts with getting a proper pre-approval for a loan that involves a desktop underwriting (DU) approval not a printed letter on a word document by a typical loan officer or mortgage broker.  Thus, our preferred lenders actually verify your loan eligibility status to save you time and money and not risk your earnest money deposit. Once you have a solid pre-approval our agent’s start working with you to acquire your dream home by targeting your search to homes you know you can afford.

We have Lenders In-House
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