Negotiate a great price

home price and resultsAt Florida Capital Realty 100 Percent Commission, we believe in nothing but results. We stand behind our service and provide you with a game plan to sell your home at the perfect price within a specific time. When you hire an agent at Florida Capital Realty 100 Percent Commission, you are hiring a strategic partner that will put your interest first and help you accomplish your goals. This is why we developed a full-service marketing plan for your home.  Our mission is to get your the maximum price for your home.  When you hire a Florida Capital Realty 100 Percent Agent you will get a full-blown marketing plan that starts from determining the correct value.

Our full service marketing plan

1. Develop a comprehensive home value report (comparative market analysis “CMA”) letting you know what other homes similar to yours are selling for, what other homes have sold for, and what’s on the market similar to your home so you can have accurate data for pricing your property. We will prepare a detailed cma showing you all the current listings, pending sales, and past sales-properties that have sold in the past, within a 6 month time period, and within a one mile radius of your home.

2. Market through the MLS - access to the #1 selling vehicle: list and market on the multiple listing service (MLS) employing over 75,000 local sales agents to help sell your home around your county.

3. Utilize guerilla online marketing - provide you market access to over 29,000 top exposure websites such as:,,,,,, and social media marketing (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) exposing your property to over 87,000 prospective home buyers all within 24 hours.  We have proprietary online marketing algorithms developed by our programmers to get your home top exposure in the marketplace.

4. Install easy, secure showings - provide a supra key or combo lock box for safe and secure 24-7 showing of your home.

5. Property flyer blast - property feature flyers and color photos for easy distribution via email blasts, direct mail blasts, and at site to your home. Also implement an email blitz to over 16,000+ real estate agents in your local county.

6. Install professional yard signs - install signs with “866 toll free” recorded audio tours where a buyer calls a special “866″ toll free number and hears all the beautiful features of your home along with the ability of scheduling appointments in real time

7. Ensure thorough buyer evaluation - evaluate and screen each lead by ensure all prospects obtain pre-qualification letters.

8. Cater an open house - conduct open houses to assure maximum exposure to your home

9. Prepare professional photographs - take high quality images and video of your home along with virtual tours

10. Provide search engine optimization (seo) - take your property and have it come up “organically” on early web pages on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. So when buyers type in a home in your zip code or area, your property is featured first.